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X-VENTURE Ultimate Showdown 09: Tiny Terrors Hanako-San VS Toyol
Price S$9.50
Product SKU 9789814940283
Brand Kino / Leo / Steven
Size (L x W x H) 14 cm x 1 cm x 21 cm
Availability 23
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Hanako-San Vs. Toyol, which mini menaces most?!


In search of a cure for Belle's condition, Lucy takes her on a girl's trip... to a creepy castle! Who do they seek and what secret do they share?  Finding their quarry in dire straits leads to a troubling question; who could defeat such a fearsome foe? To learn the truth they must contend with the castle's malevolent guardians! With time ticking away, can our dynamic duo outwit the mischievous malice of the TINY TERRORS?

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